Bustin' Barriers Kickstart

Your Blueprint for Creating Intentional Wealth

Bustin' Barriers Kickstart delivers exactly what you next need to move your life and finances forward so that you've got the security and confidence to create YOUR Intentional Wealth roadmap.

Investment $1997

Bustin' Barriers Kickstart Includes:

Instant Access to a 3-Part Course: Your Blueprint for Creating Intentional Wealth that includes:

  1. Financial Self-Awareness

  2. Effective Money Management

  3. Advanced Wealth Creation Strategies

Two Personal Sessions with Debra:

  • 1:1 Initial Intake Session (30 Minutes) with Debra as the starting point to begin mapping out your plan. Debra will then do an in-depth review of your financials to prepare for your next session.

  • 1:1 In-Depth Session (1.5 hours) with Debra to review your goals/life timeline and co-create the roadmap for achieving your goals.

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